12 Month Caravan Parks: Dos and Don'ts

A 12 month caravan park does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a caravan park, but open for 12 months a year. While most caravan parks will close for between one and two months each year during the off season, these caravan parks operate mammoth, year-long seasons, allowing holiday caravan owners to enjoy their unit all year round.

While purchasing a holiday caravan on one of these parks undoubtedly has its advantages, with privilege comes responsibility, and there are certain rules that should be adhered to when using 12 month caravan parks.


Do enjoy your caravan over the Christmas period. As many caravan parks will be closed over the festive season, one of the main benefits of purchasing a caravan on a 12 month park is that you will be able to use it over Christmas, so invite your family and friends over and enjoy the yuletide together.

Do get the most out of your purchase. The true value of owning a holiday caravan is derived from how much quality holiday time you will be getting out of the unit. With a 12 month season, you’re free to enjoy your caravan whenever you want, so make the most of it.

Do sublet your unit. Purchasing a caravan can be a pricey operation; subletting allows you to recoup some of the expenditure. A 12 month season gives you more scope to sublet your caravan throughout the year, maximising the potential revenue you can make from your caravan.


Don’t move in. There’s only one real “don’t” when it comes to a holiday caravan on a 12 month caravan park, but it’s quite a big one. A holiday caravan on a 12 month caravan park is still that: a holiday caravan.

Not only will these parks not have the facilities to cope with permanent residents, they will also not legally be allowed to accept them. Unless you want to get yourself and your park in serious trouble with HMRC, remember the “holiday” aspect of your holiday caravan.

Author bio: John Burns is a writer working for www.MyHolidayCaravan.co.uk . My Holiday Caravan’s articles and features provide valuable information for buyers and owners of static caravans.

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