Campingmole's Super-duper wild camping guide

Published 23.05.15 (Updated: 01.01.17)



Wild camping can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience. You've arrived at this page because you're interested in camping off-grid, camping in the raw, wild camping.

At Campingmole, we do love our campsites. But, sometimes we find camping without dozens of other people is something very precious. We're particularly enthralled by the darks skies!

For those moments of camping in total peace and tranquillity, we've compiled the ultimate guide to wild camping. We've put together the internet's best and most comprehensive wild camping resource.

You might be wondering: "what's so great about it?".

Well, in this article, we'll be rounding up every single detail about wild camping.
We've also got a great collection of links to every resource available on the internet (just in case we missed anything).